please stop what you are doing and watch this. brad forgot he was on a daytime show a couple times.

11 Reasons Why We Will Always Love Josh Lyman ›


Never fails to make me smile. :)


That moment when Toby sees that something is happening to Josh gets me every time.


Josh & Donna + Hands (Season 1)

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Katniss’ face in the elevator scene is like 1% Katniss Everdeen and 99% Jennifer Lawrence


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Little guy fell asleep in a basket with his golden retriever puppies

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JOSH: “I sense I’m being mocked.”
DONNA: “Congratulations, Josh.”
JOSH: “What did I do?”
DONNA: “You won our award for best gift valued over twenty-five dollars on the financial disclosure report.”
JOSH: “Really?”
DONNA: “Yeah.”
JOSH: “What won it for me?”
DONNA: “The 1189 dollar Viennatelli silk smoking jacket from Miss Sarah Wissinger.”
JOSH: “Ah, yes.”
DONNA: “You’re also the runner up, by the way, with the 345 dollar antique scrimshaw cigarette holder, also from Miss Sarah Wissinger.”
JOSH: “Well, Sarah was very fond of me.”
DONNA: “I’d imagine with that smoking jacket and the cigarette holder, you were quite the dandy.”

what do you think makes him walk so fast?